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Industrial adhesives

Adhesives for wood industry, packaging, printing, technical adhesives, Construction adhesives.offe.

Release Agents and lubricants

Release Agents and lubricants for Wood industry

Manual application system for adhesives

Manual application system for PVAc adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and hot melt adhesives based on EVA, PA, PO, PU

Machine application system for adhesive

The automatic coating plant for dispersions and hot melts


Abrasive role, bonded abrasive belts, abrasive cuts, abrasive sponges bilateral, white, one-sided and four-sided

Wood material - edges and panels

Blockboard in large format, 3-layer plates in large size, window edges, etc.

Sealants, stains, paints, varnishes, waxes

Sealants Clou for wood, interior and exterior paints for wood, wax and oil on wood

Packaging material

Stretch foil and unwinding foil, tape, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard